Have a smooth and successful entry in the Brazilian market with our services!

Who are we?

RLC Assessoria Empresarial is a company that aims at rendering legal representation, administrative management and paralegal services, among others. Through the experience obtained from working alongside the biggest law firms in Brasil, RLC's partners have developed services for small, medium and large foreign and Brazilian companies in the most varied fields of business.

Company Mission

RLC Assessoria Empresarial has the following main missions:

Make the foreign direct investment process smoother and more reliable for investors and their teams; and

Work as a business ally with Brazilian entrepreneurs and foreign investors aiming at guaranteeing they can focus their time and intellectual capacity to what really matters to them and their clients: their business.

Company Values

In order for RLC Assessoria Empresarial to be successful in its Company Missions, our conduct is based in values like transparency, ethics, excellence in the service rendering and focus on the result, which reflect in efficiency, responsiveness, responsibility, reliability and total commitment with our clients' interests.

Why choose RLC?

Through the experience of having dealt with some of the biggest investments, incorporations, mergers and aquisitions and terminations of our country, RLC Assessoria Empresarial offers the clients services developed aiming at enhancing their competitiveness, reliability, safety and efficiency while reducing costs, risks and several issues with the Brazilian bureaucracy, lack of understanding of the daily operation in the Brazilian market, among other advantages.


RLC Assessoria Empresarial Ltda.

Rua São Bento, 470 - 10º Andar - Lado par 

CEP 01010-001, Centro, São Paulo

São Paulo - Brasil

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