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Good Standing Certificates

With emphasys in the maintenance of company health, risk assessment and public bidding requirement fulfillment among others, our Good Standing Certificates services makes it simple and effortless to obtain such documents. Please see below a list with some of the services our team can provide you with:


Administrative Certificates:

  • Federal Taxes and Federal Active Debt;
  • Social Security Institute Good Standing Certificate;
  • Employee Indemnity Fund Good Standing Certificate;
  • State Active Debt  Good Standing Certificate;
  • City Active Debt Good Standing Certificate; among others.

Court Certificates:

  • Protest Certificates;
  • Full protest certificates;
  • Civil Registry Certificates;
  • Civil Distributor and Tax Foreclosure Certificates;
  • Criminal Distributor and Criminal Record Certificates;
  • Federal Justice Certificates;
  • Labor Court Certificates; among others.

Real Estate:

  • Registration and or Annotation of Property Title;
  • Lease agreement registration;
  • Update of the Municipal Real Estate Tax Registration (IPTU);
  • Update of the Rural Land Tax - ITR;
  • Real Estate Good Standing Certificates; among others.

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